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About Us

The founders of Eduspot are keen to prove that a world class, break through product can emerge from a purely Indian effort in that both the management as well as capital deployed in our effort is purely Indian. Hitherto, there is practically no product of an international stature from the developing world – apart from consumer products from Korea and Taiwan that are refinements of existing products. Eduspot is a leading and pioneering effort in combining web-casting and recording automatically synchronized with slides in a purely software product that uses common off-the-shelf hardware.

The CEO, Prasad Seshadri, has lived outside India from 1975 onwards but remains proudly an Indian citizen. He is a graduate (B.Tech, EE) of the Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi. He feels that only by learning to develop world class products and by learning the process of bringing such products successfully to the international market, can developing countries raise their living standards to those of developed countries. His choice of India as the market of first launch was dictated by the fact that the innate tolerant nature of the Indian character makes us more receptive to new ideas than any other people on earth.

Rajeev Jay, CTO, has a Master’s Degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering from REC, Kurukshetra. He has more than 10 years of experience in software development encompassing video technologies. The CEO believes that Rajeev capably delivers practically anything that is required of him without the slightest hesitation. He is a product strategist’s dream resource.

Nirmala Srihari, Country Manager for India, is an accomplished entrepreneur and a graduate of The School and Planning and Architecture, New Delhi. In spite of her non IT credentials, she constantly displays deep understanding of the Indian customer’s concerns and radiates boundless enthusiasm.

Savitha Amarnath – Is our Finance Officer looking after the invoicing. Billing and receivables – keeping us solvent.

Subrata Modak – Customer Engineering Executive – is the person who will bring our equipment to your premises for demonstrations. Dedicated and hardworking it is upon his shoulders that this venture squarely rests.


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